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Digital and Surface Print Textile Designer.
Therapeutic fabric designs,
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Therapeutic Fabric Designs is a Interior Textile company specialising in indoor and Outdoor furnishings, this is made from a therapeutic colour-way and analysis on therapeutic fabric designs. Examples include prints, custom designs, drapes, wall hangings, curtains, bed canapés and cushions.

All designs are developed from a drawing tablet and edited in Photoshop, this makes the designs unique. What makes the design therapeutic? The designs are made therapeutic by making sure the final outcome designs are within either a cool tone, earth tone or bright pastel colour range.

Examples of the colour charts are provided, all you have to do is choose whats right for you!

Below is a example of a clienteles mood board ready for development and making!

Drop me a email and phone directly to find out more!

25% off your first set up!

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